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Tina Turner Museum to hold Twilight Vigil in honor of the late 'Queen of Rock'

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Sunday evening the late 'Queen of Rock 'n' Roll' Tina Turner will be honored at her museum in Brownsville.

The museum is about a two-hour drive from Nashville, but it will be worth it for the Twilight Memorial that will honor her legacy.

It will be happening at 7 p.m. on the lawn of the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center & Tina Turner Museum.

Center Director Sonia Outlaw-Clark said the memorial will be an opportunity for her family and fans to extend comfort to each other.

Attendees are encouraged to sign a memory board and share their condolences. Speakers will share their reflections of the 12-time Grammy award winner, and as the sun sets, candles will be lit in her memory.

Tina was from Nutbush, Tennessee, only about 20 minutes away from the museum. The part of the center dedicated to Tina's life and career was her old school building.

People can look back at her groundbreaking performances, costumes, and all that she overcame to become an icon Sunday night at the museum, in what will be a lovely tribute to the queen.

Your dad will love these simple but practical Father’s Day gifts

In 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd listened to a sermon on Mother’s Day that caused her to reflect on her own upbringing. Sonora’s father was a Civil War veteran who raised her and her five siblings after their mother died in childbirth. She presented her ideas to local religious leaders, and with their support, the first Father’s Day was held on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington. It took until 1972 for Father’s Day to officially become a national holiday.

The purpose of Father’s Day is to honor the father figures in your life. This is traditionally done by spending time with those people who had a positive influence on your life and giving them a gift, such as a tie rack or power tools. But sometimes dads can be hard to buy for. This list has 21 simple yet practical gift ideas they will love. Don’t miss our testing insights on the Apple AirPods Pro, Theragun Elite, and Echo Dot devices! 

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

For a quick, no-fuss shave or haircut, this handy little gadget from Remington can’t be beat. It has a wide contoured blade that provides maximum coverage while matching the curves of your head. The rechargeable battery offers up to 40 minutes of runtime per charge, and it comes with a variety of comb lengths.
Sometimes, dad needs a break. This nine-foot cotton hammock comes with its own stand, so you can set it up wherever you’d like. The adjustable hooks let the lounger decide how low or high they want to lay. For convenience, this hammock comes with a carry bag.

This VR headset from HP makes an excellent gift for gamers. It is compatible with SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality, has flexible material for long-wearing comfort and requires no external sensors to track movement. The small, ergonomically designed controllers feel natural in your hands.

Vicki Yates to retire after more than three decades at NewsChannel 5

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — For more than three decades, anchor Vicki Yates has brought class, kindness, integrity and strong work ethic to NewsChannel 5 every day. Now it's time for a new chapter: retirement.

Vicki joined the NewsChannel 5 team in 1990 and in the years that followed, won multiple awards for her anchoring and longtime franchise "School Patrol," which profiles schools, students, and teachers across Middle Tennessee. Vicki has been on the front lines of wall-to-wall breaking news more times than we can count -- delivering calm, reassuring messages to viewers in times of crisis like the tornado outbreak of 1998 and most recently, the tragic shooting at The Covenant School.

Vicki is an inspiration to many young journalists not only leading by example, but encouraging and mentoring others. She also has a servant's heart: lending her free time to causes -- many of which serve single moms and struggling families. At NewsChannel 5, we know her as the epitome of style (you should see her shoe collection!) and unwavering kindness (she brings in cookies for her co-workers every Friday).

Vicki's last day at NewsChannel 5 is June 2nd, 2023. In retirement, Vicki hopes to travel and spend a lot more time with her family.

Which presidential candidate would be the worst for Black America?

Most Americans differ in their opinions on economic policies, experience and qualifications. Some people want to like the person they vote for while others base their voting decision solely on their individual political leanings. But, if you’re Black and not named Jason Whitlock or Stephen A. Smith, there’s one thing you can agree on: Racism.

While it is impossible to know which 2024 presidential contender is the most racist, it is possible to look at their policies, history and actions and determine how they would affect Black Americans. So, instead of determining which of the 2024 candidates would be the best for Black Americans, we decided to rank them in terms of how much potential harm they could do to African-American citizens. Our threat level rates them on a scale of 0 (no threat) to 5 (Florida).

12. Marianne Williamson

Who she is: The 70-year-old Democratic longshot is a spiritual leader, pastor, author and ultimately, a politician who has never held political office.

What she’s done for Black people: Never held office.

Anti-Black analysis: Marianne Williamson is not a flawless candidate. Her campaign site seems to have a plan for addressing every issue facing America, including LGBTQIA+ rights, climate change, Native Americans, women’s rights and even justice for animals (I’m not making this up). Yet, for some reason, aside from reparations, she doesn’t seem to have a specific plan for Black America. While some may find that bothersome; don’t worry, there is a good reason why a Williamson presidency would be great for African Americans:

Marianne Williamson will never be elected president.

Threat level: 0

The only way that Williamson could even win the Democratic nomination is through the power of metaphysical manifestation, the magic of crystals and the prayers of Black grandmothers. And if Black people’s prayers actually had an effect on presidential politics, Black people would be fine.

11. Joe Biden

Who he is: Depending on what one believes, Biden is either the 46th president of the United States or the illegitimate president who stole an election from Donald Trump.

What he’s done for Black people: Appointed Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, who helped create the U.S. Sentencing Commission policy that resulted in the largest one-time release of federal prisoners in American history. Appointed a record number of Black women and nonwhite judges to the federal bench. His marijuana pardons and student debt relief disproportionately benefit African Americans. The Small Business Administration provided $17 billion in loans and issued an executive order prioritizing government contracts for Black-owned businesses. The CARES Act provided record amounts for HBCUs and underfunded Black school districts. If Trump deserves criticism for saying there were good people on both sides of white supremacy, then Biden deserves credit for calling white supremacy a threat to democracy. 

Perhaps the greatest argument for four more years of Biden is that it means there will not be another four years of Trump.

Anti-Black analysis: It is fair to criticize Biden for both his failings and shortcomings as president–especially after he received the overwhelming support of Black voters.His administration created the Safer America Plan, which called for an additional 100,000 police officers to shoot Black people in the face but offered no accountability. He will not specifically say that he supports reparations (because he does not support reparations). He has a tendency to defer to Congress on issues that affect Black Americans (i.e voting rights and police reform) but will literally walk into a war zone for the things in which he believes. To be fair, Biden’s flaws have less to do with him being a moderate Democrat who, like the party he represents, chases white voters at the expense of ignoring the will of their most loyal demographic base. 

The Untold Story of Affricanna Town

NASHVILLE, TN — Most people aren’t aware of the history in some of their favorite places. For visitors to Dunbar Cave in Clarksville, Tennessee, that’s all changed. 

Last summer, the area got an historical marker dedicated to the site of what was formally known as Affricanna Town, a small encampment of recently emancipated Black Americans that existed from around 1864-1867. Dunbar Cave’s park manager, David Britton, told its story.

A refugee camp founded by formerly enslaved people in the area, the site’s residents probably came from two nearby plantations belonging to the Barker and Warfield families. Britton estimated there were around 85 known people enslaved in the area. “This is a place where these folks who had been enslaved, and at one time did not have the ability to make decisions for their own lives, now had that ability, and they were doing it for the first time right here on this ground,” he explained. 

Though the encampment was built by and for the emancipated residents, its name came from white people in the area, possibly first coined by enslaver John Barker. It’s unfortunate that we don’t know what the residents had named their home.

For Britton, who has been working in the park service for 17 years, this was an opportunity to merge his love for nature and history. “For me, researching and writing and learning about history is my passion, and then being able to tell that to the public is even better.” 

Britton said telling these stories is the reason he does what he does. “When I came on board as a park manager here at Dunbar Cave and Port Royal, it was important to me that we included more than white voices, right? Because there’s a lot of stories here at Dunbar Cave and Port Royal,” Britton said. 

Unfortunately, much of the evidence of the area and those who lived there has been lost and we may never know the full story of this historic site, but we do know that it begins with indigenous Americans, who left paintings upon the cave’s walls.

 Britton said that the only evidence they could gather about Affricanna Town came from Freedmen’s Bureau records. Those records, which included journals from the time, provided Britton and his team with a name of a probable resident: Giles Davis. It is believed that many of the town’s residents after emancipation were families of the United States Colored Troops. 

Christians Are Asking ChatGPT About God. Is This Different From Googling?

Hundreds of millions of people have used ChatGPT since its arrival last November to plan vacation itineraries, help them code better, create pop-culture sonnet mashups, and learn the finer details of their beliefs.

For years, Christians have Googled their theological questions to find articles written by humans answering questions about God and God's Word. Now, people can take these questions to AI chatbots. How will natural language-processing tools like ChatGPT change how we interpret the Bible?

As John 17:17 says, “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth” (ESV). Thus, interpreting the Bible is, to a great extent, the search for Truth. Large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT don’t have, by definition, a source of truth; it’s simply not in the model—hence why sometimes they make things up and extrapolate. They are incapable of finding truth, so that even when they do stumble across it, they are unable to recognize it as such.

Thus, when reading an output of an LLM regarding the Bible, we must understand that said output does not come from its search for truth within His Word but rather from a mixed “regurgitation” and extrapolation—a.k.a. algorithms—of what others have said. As a result, ChatGPT cannot offer a new interpretation of the Bible by itself; rather, a person querying ChatGPT may find in the chatbot’s answer a new way to interpret the Bible, just as they may find it in an answer offered by a parrot. Because it copies others, the parrot ends up speaking truth, even if it has no idea it has done so.

Suman Kumar Polepaka, founder of BibleMate, now based in Munich, Germany

Generative text AI models, like ChatGPT, are transforming how we seek answers to theological queries. Gone are the days of Googling and scrolling through endless articles. Instead, AI chatbots offer instant, clear, and authoritative responses, compiled from a vast array of texts, books, and articles. Their convenience, speed, and interactive nature make them a go-to resource.

They can even enhance personal Bible study by providing instant, diverse interpretations and context for any passage. But here's the catch: ChatGPT, being a general-purpose model, may lack theological or biblical accuracy. Its goal isn't to foster personal relationships with God or nurture spiritual growth.

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