bro_clarance_kilecreaseClarence Kilcrease
2pm till 5pm
Gospel Avenue
Monday thru Friday

Clarence is one of Nashville’s most outstanding personalities in radio history. Clarence Kilcrease is a graduate of Pearl High School, Tennessee School of Broadcasting and American School of Management. Also known as “Gilly Baby” and “Momma’s Big Bouncing Baby Boy,” Clarence has served as Vice President and General Manager of 92Q and WVOL, and on the Advisory Board of Meharry Medical College. He has been instrumental in establishing and furthering the careers of many notable local personalities including: Candy Man, T. Weakley,  John Heidelberg (current owner of WVOL Radio Station), Damon King, Connie Denell, David Lane, Soul Finger, J. Albert Brown, Gwen Dingle, Ron Youngblood, Ernie Alien, and Oprah Winfrey (and look where she is now), just to name a few.

Clarence has been the recipient of many awards for his commitment to the Middle Tennessee Area for such endeavors as:

*Spearheading numerous fund raising drives to assist families whose homes were destroyed by fire, Assisting in raising funds for families who did not have insurance or funds to bury loved ones, and Raising funds to feed and house the needy.

*For over twenty years prior to the Christmas holidays Clarence and dedicated volunteers have been raising funds and sponsoring a gospel program to help the needy. Each year over 100 food baskets and toys are given to those in need.

Clarence truly believes in helping others. In recognition of his years of support and work throughout the community, this year the “Clarence Edward Kilcrease Communications Scholarship” was established to recognize him as he continues his commitment to helping others.